Walailak Good Health Radio Channel Present of “Good walking for Happy Elderly episode”, was honored by Assistant Professor Jirapat Navarat, School of Allied Health Sciences

The topic today is “Good walking for Happy Elderly” Physical deterioration always appears in elderly or populations age 60 years and above because daily routine of them is walking. Moreover, walking can describe unhealthy life of people. So, what’s good walking? and how we can do it? Actually, good walking can be described to 2 ways;

1 Quality of walking: Good balance, stride, leg raise, etc.

2.How fast is a brisk walk? The quantity is 1 meter per second, if too little or too much, it may be abnormal.

However, the results support the use of walking tests in elderly is 4 meters that is;

0.4 m/s, walking in the house

0.4 – 0.8 m/s, walking around the house

0.8 m/s, or more, able to use normal life in the community

Gait disorders both of quality and quantity will cause accidents such as fall over and the end is bedridden, so the physiotherapists suggest the elderly to exercise and should have walked more than 4,000 steps per day.

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