Good Health Good Life at Walailak Radio channel present of “Fall prevention in the elderly at home episode”, was honored by Dr. Charupa Lektip, School of Allied Health Sciences, Walailak University

        Today’s topic of discussion is “Fall prevention in the elderly at home” Falling is the main cause of physical injury and impaired quality of life in the elderly. A total of 45 studies met the inclusion criteria and risk factors were considered, including biological factors, socioeconomic factors, behavioral factors, and environmental factors. The systematic review provides comprehensive evidence of risk factors for falls in older adults to suggest fall prevention procedures.

Which rooms are the biggest potential risks?

Begin with the bathroom. Wet surfaces can be very dangerous. Seniors lack the balance and reaction time need to avoid a fall. While it may seem easy to step out of a shower, an unsteady senior may slip and come crashing to the floor. To help, install grab bars in strategic points around the bathroom.

The second is the bedroom make sure the light near the bed is easy to reach. If the elderlies have to get up in the night, they are just a click away from better visibility.

The third one is the kitchen room, ensure the kitchen is well-lit, so there are no invisible tripping hazards and don’t store items too high; shelves and cabinets should be shoulder height for the elderly.

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