The Enhancement of Health Promotion for Enhancing the Level of Economy and District Society with an Integration under The “University to Tambon Project (U2T)”: Walailak University, Nakhon Si Thammarat
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Between March 30 – May 31, 2021, Walailak University had made it a priority to do regular home visits to provide basic health check-ups and screening, as well as organizing the general exercise and health education sessions for developing ability and economy in the communities under the Integrated Economic and Social Enhancement Project of University to Tambon.

In Nakhon Si Thammarat, Health Care knowledge had been used for servicing in the communities through health promotion activity in enhancing the level of economy and district society. The main activities were the examination of impacts from using herbicide, the diagnosis of melioidosis for pig and agriculturist, and the physical fitness test and cultivation of ergonomics.

The project aimed at making those agriculturists healthy and have a secure career, health surveillance and reducing risks from working leading to promoting the health of labor groups, reducing lost revenues from being suspended from job and being able to work sustainably. Thus, those goals will enhance the level of economy and district society, and create a strong community health system. 

In addition, the goals were in line with “Sustainable Development Goals” or SDGs in the third goal which was “Good Health and Well-being” improving health and welfare of people of all ages and the seventeenth goal, which was “Partnerships for the Goals” related to creating collaboration with other relevant networks or organizations to achieve the SDGs.

In this regard, the staff of teachers from School of Allied Health Sciences and Public Health, Walailak University and local workers visited the communities for medical examination and health consulting services to enhance the level of economy and district society. There was a variety of occupational classes attending the activities, such as the orchardists from tambon Pa Rakum of Pak Phanang district, the fishermen from tambon Tha Paya, Na Saton and Koh Pet of Pak Phanang district, and the pig farmers from tambon Thai Buri of Tha Sala district. The staff had planned the patterns of medical examination and health consulting services in accordance with each occupational class. The patterns of medical examination and health consulting service were as follows:  

  1. 1. The medical examination of agriculturists consisted of the complete blood count (CBC), diabetes test, lipid profiles, renal function test, blood residue analysis and physical fitness test which focused on muscle strength fitness test, body composition analysis and pulmonary function testing, with many proficient technology tools.
  2. 2. There were questionnaires used for health risk assessment for the target agriculturists, e.g., herbicide usage questionnaires, personal health record and the risk assessment of musculoskeletal disorders.
  3. 3. Providing basic advice to the agriculturists on how to use herbicide properly and, prevent impacts from hazardous chemicals as well as accidents in the workplace.

         However, the staff are analyzing the agriculturists’ health results to assess the risks of diseases in the workplace leading to the plan of health surveillance or risks of diseases of the agriculturists. Moreover, there will be consulting services for the future scheme.

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