WU U2T Covid Week Activities against the Spread of Coronavirus
U2T ม.วลัยลักษณ์ กับภารกิจพิเศษ U2T Covid Week ก้าวต่อไปสู้ภัยโควิด

Between 23 – 31 May 2021, the staff working in the project of “University to Tambon” under the direction of Walailak University carried out the special mission “U2T Covid Week” in order to prevent the outbreak of coronavirus infection. The mission was divided into two activities as shown below:


  1. 1. Proactive Activity

The activity aimed at cleaning and creating security in schools and communities. There were three steps of the activity, which were as follows:

Step 1: Cleaning and disinfecting for reducing the number of germs on surfaces and decreasing the risk of infection from surfaces.

Step 2: Creating a safe zone to prevent the spread of the coronavirus that may occur from organizing various activities within the schools.

Step 3: Provide enough tools for emergency situations so that the staff could visit the communities and work efficiently and safely.


  1. 2. Passive Activity

This activity was a COVID-19 vaccination campaign to prevent the spread of the coronavirus with accurate information, publish the accurate information of the vaccination and survey the people who were at risk of catching Covid-19, including elderlies and those who had chronic conditions. Thus, confidence was a crucial matter for the communities in terms of the vaccination. All the staff working in the project had been already vaccinated and wanted to invite people to get vaccinated so that the communities could return to normal life as soon as possible.


In addition, the staff had to prepare a plan to contribute to the promotion of COVID-19 prevention for the people living in the communities throughout the week under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation.

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