Walailak University, together with Community Enterprise Group and Health Promotion Hospital (Ban Thung Chon), Promoted "Plai Massage Oil".

On September 10, 2021, from 13.30 – 16.30, Walailak University, led by Dr. Chaweewan Klongsiriwet, the head department of Pharmaceutical Science, School of Pharmacy, along with the academic service center working group participated in a workshop on “Plai Oil, Liniment, Pain Relief” at the Health Promotion Hospital in Ban Thung Chon subdistrict, Tha Sala district, Nakhon Si Thammarat province.

“Project to promote the development of comprehensive herbal products to community well-being promotion” under the WU – Social engagement project, the fiscal year 2021, for the second consecutive year, is an integrated project that consists of teaching, research, and academic services in the form of social engagement. The project aims to develop a prototype of herbal products to promote health, increase income, and create a career for the community that meets the needs of the local health development to ensure good health and promote well-being for all at all ages (Good health and Well-being). In addition, it promotes sustainable and inclusive economic growth also employment potential for all (Decent work and Economic growth) on the basis of the integration of cooperation partners (Partnerships for the Goals) in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals: SDGs. Moreover, the project consists of main activities such as field visits to explore local medicinal plants and local knowledge on the use of herbs, finding the source of herbal raw materials, training to transfer knowledge and practices to promote community well-being through the use of herbs, product development to be certified to the food and drug standards with marketing channels that are easy to access and attract customers both online and offline, as well as developing a group management system and developing a prototype herbal learning center. So, the duration of the project is from December 2020 to September 2021.

Of this, Dr.Chaweewan Klongsiriwet, as the project leader and one of the team, has worked with the community to develop herbal massage oil recipes and has organized a workshop on “Plai Oil, Liniment, Pain Relief” to pass on the knowledge of the production of herbal massage oils for members of Ban Thung Chon Herbal Product Community Enterprise Group and staff of Ban Thung Chon Health Promotion Hospital who were interested in the activity with a total of 20 participants. In that activity, there was a demonstration of how to make the Plai massage oil. The participants did practice in every step under the brand “Happy Herb: Health and Happiness, with Local Herbs” according to the concept of academic work between Walailak University and the community to enhance the quality of life with a holistic model. It was based on the goal of creating holistic well-being by using the Wu Happy tree model consisting of 5 branches: good career, good health, good resources and environment, good education, and good cultural society. Therefore, the herbal massage oil product “Happy Herb” was a branch to relieve pain and promote health that had applied knowledge regarding herbs in the community.

In this regard, the project team will bring the prototype product to be used in the care and rehabilitation of the elderly with the pain relief program to raise the standard of quality certification of herbal massage oil products, and develop online marketing channels, as well as developing community enterprise groups in the next step.

The Center for Academic Services,Walailak University

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