Social Engagement Service in Dimension of Health Care for keeping up with Prevention and Control of Parasitic Disease Project at Wat-Yang-Ngam School for Primary School Children
บริการวิชาการรับใช้สังคม มิติด้านสุขภาพกับโครงการควบคุมและป้องกันโรคหนอนพยาธิในเด็กนักเรียน โรงเรียนวัดยางงาม อ.ท่าศาลา จ.นครศรีธรรมราช

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chuchard Punsawad, Acting Deputy Dean of the School of Medicine together with the staff of the school of medicine, Walailak University organized a project for the prevention and control of parasitic disease at Wat Yang Ngam School with a warm welcome given by Mr. Charan Petchpeng, Director of the school stating an intention to get the health service. There were 103 students in kindergarten and primary class of Grade 1-6 participating in the project. The project is one of the university’s academic missions for social dimensions of health held at the school for the second consecutive year.


On March 2020, there were 81 students participating in the stool examination for parasites and answering the questionnaire about risk behaviors for infection with soil-transmitted helminth (STH). Also, there were 80 students participating in the detection of helminth infection in nail and the stool examination for parasites. The examinations were supported by The Center for Scientific and Technological Equipment. As a result, no one was infected. 


Moreover, the staff provided insights and knowledge about the prevention and control of parasitic disease in order to raise up the consideration of awareness of helminths transmitted through the soil as well as being able to apply the gained knowledge to correct risk behaviors, such as handwashing, touching pets, washing vegetables, cleaning food, defecating in unhygienic toilets, wearing shoes, and biting fingernails. The examinations were done successfully with a kind operation with the teachers and students in the school, where was expected to be a prototype area in the prevention and control of parasitic disease at the local level

The Center for Academic Services,Walailak University

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