The Center for Academic Services (CAS), Walailak University participating in research exhibitions - academic services in Samui Island, Surat Thani Province

          The Center for Academic Services (CAS), Walailak University participated in research exhibitions – academic services for Blue Crab Bank Project in the 2nd “Mui Cinema Festival” of “Sea Traveling, Seeing the Charm of the Gulf of Thailand Project”. During the festival, foreign and Thai tourists were invited to release more than 10 million baby blue crabs into the sea.
          Asst. Prof. Dr.Amonsak Sawusdee, the director of CAS, revealed that CAS led a team of researchers to participate in the project “Sea Traveling, Seeing the Charm of the Gulf of Thailand, which is an activity to promote tourism on Samui Island under the name “Mui Cinema Festival” for the 2nd time between 17-19 March 2023. 
          He also mentioned the Blue Crab Bank Project that, which was not only operated in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province but also extended the project to nearby provinces, Surat Thani on Samui and Pha-ngan Island. The objective was to generate income for the community. Moreover, it was to make the community strong, and valued community identity was organized and maintained. The Blue Crab Bank Project on Samui Island had 7 communities, and the output of this project was obvious; in the past, fishers could catch blue crabs no more than 5 kg. per day, now it has increased to 10-15 kg. per day. Some periods were up to 40 kg. which can make the fishers earn significantly more income.
          However, Blue Crab Bank project researchers still increase the value of blue crabs by making food with the community identity, such as Blue Crab Murtabak Roti, Blue Crab Biryani, Steamed Blue Crab with Vermicelli, Moon Sticky Rice with Blue Crab. Besides, they create a way of collaboration between Blue Crab Bank and entrepreneurs in the hotel and tourism sector, presented as a way of fishing tourism; there are activities for tourists to release blue crabs into the sea during their stay at the hotel to make them realize and see the importance of marine animals, especially blue crabs.
          “Samui Island and Pha-ngan Island are already prominent areas in terms of tourism. Walailak University’s participation in research will benefit the community in promoting eco-tourism and way of life tourism, not just fun travel. One day, if a critical situation like COVID arose, the community could not rely on itself. However, promoting tourism to a community’s way of life or identity will stand on its own. The goal and direction of research work and academic services of Walailak University are that we will create continuity, stability, and community with increased income. Moreover, it will help elevate communities’ lives to be self-reliant and sustainable,” said the director of CAS.

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