The research team of Walailak University jointly develops research to further the utilization of local herbs and vegetables of Pak Phanang upstream community.

          On 28th April 2023, the working team from the Center for Academic Services (CAS) in cooperation with lecturers from the School of Pharmacy were in the area of Lang Ai Mee Border Patrol Police Learning Center, Village No.5, Wangang Sub-District, Cha-Uat District and Ban Khaowang Community, Village No.12, Hintok Sub-District, Ronpiboon District to organize a forum to brainstorm opinions from communities to develop research problems for further utilization of local herbs and vegetables of Ban Lang Ai Mee and Ban Khaowang Community which was an important upstream community of Pak Phanang upstream area that still had a wide variety of endemic plants, vegetables, herbs, and the community had used those plants for both food and herbs in daily life. Developing research to extend the utilization of the community to create added value in both food and medicine and raising awareness of the value of local plants can allow the community to jointly conserve and pass on the wisdom of utilization together to the next generation.

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