WU Joins Forces with Local Government Organizations in Pak Phanang District and Hua Sai District, Enhancing Water Resource Management and Protecting Watershed Biodiversity in the Pak Phanang River Basin

From October 2022 to February 2023, Walailak University (WU), represented by the Center of Excellence in Sustainable Disaster Management and the Center for Academic Services, collaborated with local government organizations to arrange local stakeholder meetings on water resource management using transdisciplinary research methods in the irrigation areas of the Lower Pak Phanang River Basin through the Project “Achievement Evaluation in Developing Water Sources Under the Royal-Initiated Pak Phanang River Basin Development Project”, funded by the Office of the Royal Development Projects Board (ORDPB).
The meetings served as a neutral stage for exchanging thoughts and ideas about the current situation of the basin, conflict mitigation on water resources, and co-operation agreement on cooperative water resource management that is consistent with the context of the geography and way of life of those communities. This mechanism is set to build sustainable water security and improve the ecological balance of the Pak Phanang River Basin.
These local stakeholder meetings took place in 9 subdistricts in Pak Phanang district, including Khlong Noi subdistrict, Cha Mau subdistrict, Pa Rakam district, Ko Thuat subdistrict, Bang Sala subdistrict, Ban Mai subdistrict, Khlong Krabue subdistrict, Pak Phanang Fang Tawan Tok subdistrict, and Hu Long subdistrict. WU also organized the meetings in the districts of Hua Sai district, namely Bang Nop subdistrict, Ban Ram subdistrict, Laem subdistrict, and Khao Phang Krai subdistrict.
The local stakeholders attending those meetings represented various sectors in Pak Phanang district and Hua Sai district, e.g., local leaders, agriculturists, and the subdistrict administration organizations. In addition, the government authorities in the districts participated in the meetings including the Irrigation Office 15, the District Agricultural Extension Offices, and the Administration and Coordination Center for Pak Phanang River Basin Development.

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