The Implementation of proper waste management and sorting Activities During 2024 National Children’s Day at Walailak University

On National Children’s Day, Walailak Botanic Park (WBP), together with Mr. Phusit Horpet, the head of the Collaborative Project to Enhance the Efficiency of Waste Management in the University’s Surrounding Areas, and members of Walailak University Marine Conservation Club, jointly hosted the free event to drive proper waste management and sorting. The activities included the provision of basic knowledge and methods of waste separation, covering plastic waste, general waste, and organic waste, and ensuring proper disposal.

The activities aimed to promote active participation to children and young individuals in waste separation and management practices that are appropriate, compliant with university waste management policies, and in alignment with the activities of Walailak University Marine Conservation Club in 2024 to support strategies for waste reduction, environmental quality enhancement, and sustainable waste management, resulting to contribute to the creation of a sustainable community and long-term development. Also, it aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically, SDG12 (Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns) and SDG17 (Partnerships for the Goals).

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