WATER USAGE AND CARE in Walialak University

WATER USAGE AND CARE in Walialak University

Walailak University has way to conserve, appropriately use and protect the quality and quantity of water sources.

Into to bring walailak to be Green university correspond with the Green university policy which is correspond with SDG 6 (Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all).

 In this case, Walailak university execute consist of wastewater treatment, preventing water system pollution, free drinking water, water-conscious building standard.

Walailak university collaborate with waste management center to management the water for domestic usage and follow the green university policy and SDGs 17 Partnerships for the Goals (Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.)

  • Water waste treatment  The sewage water, the water usage patterns of students and staff in Walailak University are both grey waters, namely wastewater from washing either from bathing, dishes or laundry and black water as wastewater from toilets due to Walailak University is a comprehensive university. Walailak University has a method to dispose sewage water with regard to environment and well-being of community. In the part of black water, The University use underground septic tank set to disposal. For the gray water to be collected by the combined pipe system into the central wastewater treatment of university. The central wastewater treatment plant uses aerated lagoon, followed by the pond stabilization. The treated wastewater characteristic is better than the wastewater standard which determinate by the Pollution Control Department, Thailand. The treated water was utilized for watering a tree in the university area and fishing
  • Preventing water system pollution

Walailak university conducted piped water to use within the university from surface wate in Walailak university area. The surface wate resouces is non-chemical from the industrial factory or sewage from vaillages. This can make sure that the water is non-conteminated chemical. Moreover, there are high standard selection of pipe material and meet the international standard to prevent the broken or unwanted accidently from maintance the road or matter situations.

  • the pipe material were used HDPE which can prevent the pollution to access to piped water Generating
  • Benefit of HDPE pipe

    It made of polyethylene compound for making drinking water (TIS.2016- 2011). This pipe passes the manufacturing and testing process which meet the standard of industry product (TIS. 982-2013). This pipe has outstanding benefits which is strong, resistant to chemical and environmental corrosion, lightly weight, easy to install. This is the reason why it is various popular in domestic and international.

    The HDPE surface feature is smooth and shiny which suited for pipe water and suited for using outside the building. In addition, there are water control valve for control the water way

Furthermore, the total area of Walailak University is approximate 15,350,400 m2 .

It is 1st rank of university in Thailand having a tremendous area. Walailak University is located in the southern part of Thailand.

There is a heavy rainfall area with average annual rainfall of 1956.5 mm.

Each year Walailak university have been facing with flooding problem, so Walailak university have water resources management system to protect this problem and to keep amount of water in many detention ponds and canals as presented in figure above. For domestic water use in our university. There are waterworks system and a fully water treatment plant to treat wastewater coming from academic buildings, laboratory buildings, dormitories, canteens, etc.

The total water conservation area is approximate 1,338,832 m2 and can keep amount of water is 9,690,746 m 3.

It is sufficient for domestic water use in our university all year round. Therefore, the ratio of the amount water conserved in university to total volume of rainfall in the area is about 30%.

  • Free drinking

 Walailak university provided free drinking to students and staffs in the university here is the area which free drinking machine was installed.

It is covering areas, administrative building, technology and digital center, Walailak library center,

Architecture building, research building, health research building, sport science building, indoor sports building, food center building.

Lecture building 1,3,5,7 and center of scientific and technological equipment 2,3,5,6,7,8 and academic building 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,

  • water-conscious building standard

Walailak University has policy that will set up the water saving sanitary wares for every new building. For faucets, we proceeded to set up self-closing faucets instead swivel faucets, which could control the water usage limits. While, the urinals flush valves were changed to be a saving water version (6 liters), and consequently have reduced the water used around 1 – 2 liters. Moreover, our university has the promotion that used water bottles containing sand for replacing water in toilet bowls. This promotion could be proceeded as 1,754 Units from 1,824 units (all toilet bowl in the university)

Highly efficient toilet flush

Appliances Total Number Total Number Water efficient appliances Percentage
Toilet 1,824 1754 96%
Average Percentage 96%

GOAL 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal