Walailak University’s Guidelines for Employee Appeals

Walailak University’s Guidelines for Employee Appeals

With the importance given to the process and channels for employee appeals and complaints on the rights and pay, Walailak University has issued the University Regulations on Appeals, Complaints, and Consideration of Appeals and Complaints B.E. 2558

(Please read more about the following policy: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Arquj_VnjGnC-OazQjaJzHP60rJ_Uay4/view).

The policy intends to create a constructive communication mechanism used by employees and to promote a sound governance system within the organization following the University’s Vision that aims to be a transparent organization. Therefore, all employees can complain or appeal when receiving unfair treatment or in case of grievances because of the leader’s actions or orders. Filing may be relevant to personnel management with discrimination based on differences in native land, race, language, gender, age, physical or health status, social or economic status, religious belief, gender bias, or physical disability. Also, appeals may cover failure or respite in assigning tasks and causing an impediment to one’s progress and benefits, unlawful use of power or any acts against University Regulations, and suspension, dismissal, or termination of employment.

In a nutshell, the university has the channel and mechanism for appealing or complaining to fix unfair treatment and remedy grievances in the university. However, the university has received no complaints or appeals since the campus has created an excellent working atmosphere and environment that promotes casual conversations. Supervisors and co-workers can openly talk and exchange opinions; arising problems can be discussed directly and solved. Plus, implementing clear guidelines for pay increases and systematic practice promote respect and mutual understanding.

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