Walailak University’s Income from Research Innovation Used in the Industrial Sector

Walailak University’s Income from Research Innovation Used in the Industrial Sector

Walailak University that has been categorized in Frontier Research University, has developed quality research results, and the number of them has increased exponentially. In the fiscal year 2021, WU earned income from applying research innovation in the industrial sector through the Science and Technology Park; the total amount was 5,111,181.17 baht.

  1. The total amount of income received from the 12 private companies that utilized WU’s innovative research, such as food supplements innovation, medicines, beauty products, pet products, and bio innovation extracted from high efficiency fungi to prevent and eliminate pests (that helps increase the quantity and quality of crop yields and protect from contamination with pesticide), was 4,806,181.17 baht which can be divided into research income from STEM (4,145,431.17 baht), research income from medicine (160,750 baht), research income from arts, humanities, and social sciences (500,000 baht), cooperating with 594 academic staff (lecturers and researchers)ใ
  2. WU received income from research innovation used by students to further their work leading to the establishment of 2 spin-off companies: Walaibiocontrol and Manggusto. Moreover, there was an extension of bringing ideas to the contest and back with awards from 44 projects, totaling prize money of 205,000 baht, such as a contest at the Thailand Synergy for Thai SMEs contest; Trichodemafive Plus Team (International Standard Biological Products) from Walaibiocontrol company received the first runner-up award for the best innovative society, 7 Innovation Awards 2021, with prize money of 100,000 baht.



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