Participating in Teaching Programing in Schools “Coding at School Project” Cooperation Program

Participating in Teaching Programing in Schools “Coding at School Project” Cooperation Program

Nowadays, Technology teaching has significance for education around the world, especially, programming teaching in primary schools. Also, Thailand has awareness and empowering with programming teaching in academic Encouraging programming teaching in schools requires tools or instructional media, in particular students in high schools. Which this proper age should be developed thinking system. National and computer technology center as a project under the Office of Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Science, Technology, and Energy (the former name of the Ministry of Science and Technology) has developed promoting Kid Bright programming learning which is an embedded board that can work according to the instruction. Learners can create the direction set through the program that is suitable as teaching tools for programming in schools for junior high school students.

To create opportunities for reaching and using teaching materials have collaborated with all are the universities in Thailand. The techie cooperation signing ceremony between five coordination centers is under participation with the coordination center. For programming teaching in schools  “Coding at School Project” center for Academic Service, Walailak University operates as a regional coordination center, has a mission to ask for collaboration to develop manpower in programming writing in schools, including improving the ability of that youth to the regionals and the international Also, to train the knowledge application of programming writing technology toward the junior schools in particular regional schools and underprivileged school throughout producing high skill in new teaching as STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Education.

         Center for Academic Service, Walailak University is responsible for public relations in recruitment and selecting schools in 14 provinces, south, to receive the Kid Bright board, training and building The Trainers of Centre of Cooperation to be consultants and mentors for teachers and students about how to use Kid Bright board towards selecting the south representatives, in the national competition and international. However Center for Academic Service has greatly collaborated with lecturers of the Computer Engineering program, academicians, and students. 

School of Engineering and Technology, Walailak University has joined to be advisors and be mentors to teachers and students.    

GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal

GOAL 4: Quality Education