The boarding house, Botanical Park, Walailak University, guarantees good quality accommodation that has passed the SHA standard.

The boarding house, Botanical Park, Walailak University, guarantees good quality accommodation that has passed the SHA standard.

Botanical Park Walailak University, it is located in the conservation area of Walailak University. It has an area of ​​approximately 1,350 rai to support academic services. and a source of informal learning for students, and the general people to use the service as well as being a tourist attraction for the people of Nakhon Si Thammarat. Nowadays, the area has been developed continuously to make the botanical park stand out. The main areas consist of the original forest area, office area, herb garden, building construction area “Natural Museum”, Science and Wisdom Learning Building Area”, Botanical Park entrance area.

Botanical Park is constantly evolving. In the fiscal year 2022, a large orchid greenhouse will be built and 8 greenhouses which exhibit imitation of nature, as well as a collection of bamboo plants under the Bamboo Village concept as a learning center and relax for visitors The Botanical Park Walailak University is committed to developing the area to be a source of natural learning and it is the most prominent tourist attraction in the south by building a house Walailak University Botanical Park that has passed the SHA Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA) standard, which is a new normal tourism safety symbol. Ensuring tourists that everyone has a good experience, happiness, and health safety from accessing the service.

SHA logo or Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration has a full name in Thai that Project to upgrade the Thai tourism industry to safety standards in sanitation It is a cooperation project of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Ministry of Tourism and Sports with the Department of Disease Control, Department of Health, Department of Health Service Support Ministry of Public Health, etc., by bringing safety measures in public health, combined with quality service standards of the establishment.

To assure tourists that everyone will have a good experience, happiness and health safety from Thai products and services, there are 10 categories of businesses that can apply for SHA standards: 1. Restaurants/restaurants 2. Hotels/accommodations and meeting place 3. Recreation and attractions 4. Vehicles 5. Travel agencies 6. Health and beauty 7. Department stores and shopping centers 8. Sports for tourism 9. Theaters and events. 10. Souvenir shops and other shops.

          Walailak University Botanical Park is open for service, meeting rooms, hotel rooms (fans / air conditioners), camping tents for rent, and campground with 15 rooms, accommodating 10 people per room, with a separated bathroom building accommodation building. There is a female toilet building and men’s restroom buildings. Each building has 10 shower rooms and 10 toilets.

The service fee for the Botanical Park hospice is as follows:
– Air-conditioned room, 1 – 3 people, 500 baht
– Air-conditioned room, 4 – 6 people, 900 baht
– Air-conditioned room, 7 rooms Person or more, price 1,500 baht
– Fan room, stay 1 night, price 100 baht per head
– Fan room, stay 2-3 nights, price 80 baht per head
– Fan room, stay 4 nights or more, price per head 50 baht

Service fees for camping tents for rent are as follows:

  1. Tent size for 1-2 people Coleman Air dome V.3 suitable for couples or a small family, size 2.1×1.8×1.2 meters, excellent material design and manufacturing, completely rainproof, inside is a mosquito net which is excellent ventilation and easy to set up Price 150 baht / night
  2. Tent for 3-4 people Coleman Evanston 4 Deluxe V.3 Medium-sized dome tent ideal for families Size 3.05×2.44×1.72 m., perfect Height and standing without stooping. There is a front porch for relaxing. There are windows with mosquito nets all around for ventilation and waterproof coated flysheet, price 230 baht / night

** For reservation and bill receiving, both can get at General Administration in Botanical Park, Walailak University contact 0-7567-6105

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