Walailak University is actively engaging in the 23th Young Scientist Competition to focus on developing Thai youth potential.

Walailak University is actively engaging in the 23th Young Scientist Competition to focus on developing Thai youth potential.

National Science and Technology Development Agency: NSTDA with Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation MHESI great importance on the development of science and technology innovation potential for young creatives. So, they initiate the project of young scientist Competition : YSC with partners from many sectors; National Research Council of Thailand: NRCT, Siam Commercial Bank: SCB, and University in each region to establish 6 coordination centers in 5 regions, Walailak university have responsibility to be a main regional coordination center in the southern. Walailak University have objective to support Thai student to had the opportunity to develop their knowledge of Science, Technology and Creative the Innovation and Thailand have been chosen a representative to join The International Science, Innovation, and Environment Competition. The benefit of participated this competition is not only getting the award but also have a chance to show Thai student skills in the world stage. Which is a valuable experience for competitor and the scientific community and technology in Thailand.

The project still continuously and the schedule is set clearly in every year. Thai youth have space to show their potential of learning and creative valuable idea which give a chance to student and teacher develop the process of thinking systems with finding the answer skills from learning by yourself. This is a good basic of learning Science and Technology for student. Plan of YSC activities can link with learning and teaching systems in high school students – the project target that help the school, teacher, and student who interest to join this project make a plan in advance of project title and develop work piece and conduct science experiment before started the project. 

The center for Academic Service of Walailak University is responsible the twenty – third Young Scientist Competition Project by public relations to High school in 14 southern provinces. Making right understanding to all over target group. Check the project that is already demonstrated by the audit committee and get a partnership to support the first project development by coordination center and National Science and Technology Development Agency: NSTDA. The coordination center assists in the continuous development of knowledge by organization of training in any field of knowledge and by providing an advisement to the project by the Walailak University Teacher, Scientist and Researcher.

Therefore, the coordination center have an importance role in the late competition to choose the representative to join in semi-final and collect information of project developer and the result of the competition on Science & Technology Information and Activity Management System: SIMS to project evaluation and follow the outcome of the project further.

GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal

GOAL 4: Quality Education