Walailak University 1st Green University in Southern of Thailand

Walailak University 1st Green University in Southern of Thailand

On December 7, 2020, the UI Green Metric World University Ranking has announced the results of the 2020 World Green Universities Ranking of 912 universities in 84 countries around the world. As a result, Walailak University was ranked 16th in the country and 219th in the world with a total score of 6,650 points. It is the number 1 green university in southern of Thailand.  

Walailak University located at Tha Sala District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. It has an area of ​​more than 14,400,000 square meters, which is considered the largest university in Thailand. It is considered a perfect university (Comprehensive University) that provides teaching and learning covering the social sciences, science and technology and health sciences by developing the environment to be a university city in the form of living and learning (Residential University) meaning to be a community where students, teachers, staff, and staff of the university live in a good environment, beautiful, convenient, safe, peaceful, and happy with complete utilities and public utilities and other facilities to promote a happy quality of life in education and work. Able to fully utilize the mission potential, efficiency, and quality. It is a learning center both in the formal, informal, and informal ways of the university population, the community, and the general public causing the growth of physical, intellectual, mental, emotional, and social as well as being a livable city. The people of the university and the community are friendly and caring towards each other.

Walailak University has a policy of being a green university (Walailak Green University), with a commitment to continuously operate according to the Walailak Green University guidelines. It has given importance to include in the 20-year strategic plan (2018 – 2037) of Walailak University in the fifth strategic issue, enhancing the image of a happy green university city. This is in line with the UI GreenMetric World ranking for the university to have an image of a sustainable green university city in terms of landscape energy saving, waste and waste disposal, water management, transportation, and environmental education. Students and staff who learn to live on campus are happy. There are improvements, developments, and creating a happy green university city atmosphere. Promote knowledge and understanding of energy and environmental conservation are created for students, staff, and surrounding communities as well as continually supporting and promoting the increase of green areas within the university area.

This is to drive the policy of being a green university. The university has considered using the campus area as a park. (Walailak Park). Using an area of ​​​​408,000 square meters, divided into 208,000 square meters of water and 200,000 square meters of land, which is a large open space for the public to use as a place to relax and exercise for students. Personnel and people in Nakhon Si Thammarat and nearby areas There is a maze inside Walailak Park, English garden, elephant herd sculpture, owl fountain, heart-shaped bougainvillea arch Golden Manora courtyard natural waterway and there is a balcony for sitting and relaxing. Feed the fish and watch the sunset over mountain Luang.

And the university also aims to develop a botanical park located in the conservation area of ​​Lak University. It has an area of ​​approximately 2,160,000 square meters supporting academic services and being a source of informal learning for students, students, the general public, and as a place to relax for the people. It consists of primitive forest areas, water reservoirs, canopy viewing towers, herb gardens, nature study paths, Walailak banana plantation Science and Technology Learning Center cactus greenhouse areas of museum buildings and learning resources surrounding the Natural History Museum and camping ground Waiting to serve tourists who will come to camp and enjoy the natural atmosphere. Watch the sunset and the beautiful mist on the water surface.

Walailak Park

Walailak University The university’s area was considered to be a green area or a park. Walailak Park was built in 2017 – 2018 using an area of ​​​​408,000 square meters, divided into 208,000 square meters of water and 200,000 square meters of land. It is regarded as the largest park located in a university in Thailand. It’s free for everyone to be a place to relax refreshing both body and mind for university personnel, including faculty, staff, and students. The people of Tha Sala District Nakhon Si Thammarat and neighboring provinces as well as those who visit the university across the country and abroad and support the patient’s relatives and those who come to use the services of hospitals, medical centers.

However, if you have come to visit this “Walailak Park” you will find a bright morning atmosphere, the smell the soil, the smell the water and the smell the flowers because the garden consists of various types of trees and decorative flowers. All it’s a good way to start an afresh day with exercise. The evening atmosphere will be in the exercise section, such as walking, running, biking and yoga in the park with views or sit and relax while feeding the fish by the water’s balcony to watch the sunset. All give a feeling of relaxation amidst the natural beauty of the basin and the mountain Luang.

For those who like to take pictures, they can bring a camera to capture the atmosphere inside Walailak Park because in the Walailak Park, there are many areas, such as English garden, Japanese garden Elephant herd sculpture, owl fountain, labyrinth, heart-shaped bougainvillea arch, Thip Phiman Waterfall, Bueng Bua Daeng, and Golden Manora courtyard with both the air and the size of the area, Walailak Park becomes a large lung to receive fresh air for everyone.

Botanical Park Walailak University

Botanical Park is another important green area located in the conservation area of ​​Walailak University. It has an area of ​​approximately 2,160,000 square meters supporting for academic services and is a source of informal learning, a place to relax for students, and the general public, as well as to act as a tourist attraction for Nakhon Si Thammarat Province.

Currently, the botanical park area has been continuously developed in which the front entrance area will have a botanical garden park (WBP: Walailak Botanic Park). It is an open space for relaxing, exercising, or sitting and enjoying the view of everyone. The WBP hill tunnel is located midway between the grassy slopes at the entrance to the Botanical Park. It was built with the concept of seeing the sun two times in the morning, facing the reservoir to be energized by the first light of day reap the freshness to continue walking on the day. In the evening, turn around and see the last light of the day that slowly fades behind Khao Luang. release suffering Obstacles that day to the water.

When walking into the botanical park area You will find the original forest area with native trees such as Gnetum, Xantho Phyllum Lan Ceatum, etc and there is a nature study path that has been developed to have a tower at an altitude of 25 meters to see the canopy, including the creation of a walking path connecting the two towers to watch the treetops. Surrounded by large Dipterocarpus alatus Roxb can see a 360-degree view with a cool atmosphere at the height of the top of the Dipterocarpus alatus Roxb with mountains range Luang, in the background There is a water reservoir in the front and can still stand and admire the beauty of nature in the botanical park in all directions. There is also a camping ground. Located on the edge of the reservoir giving a romantic atmosphere. It is a check-in point to serve everyone who will come to camp and stay overnight to enjoy the natural atmosphere. watch the sunset and the beautiful mist on the water surface You can also see a variety of waterfowl species at the tip of the cape in the middle of the water, such as teal, cormorant, egret, etc.

And finally, believe that everyone who has visited the Botanical Park will be relaxed. Refreshing both body and mind due to the atmosphere that is full of various types of trees beautiful nature can fulfill happiness and enhance the quality of life for everyone.

GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

GOAL 4: Quality Education

GOAL 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

GOAL 13: Climate Action

GOAL 15: Life on Land