Conserving, promoting further development Community Challenge

Conserving, promoting further development Community Challenge

Walailak University 3 Year Action Plan (2020-2022) Under the 20-Year Strategic Plan (2018-2037). Strategic issue 5: Enhance the image as a happy green university city by Walailak University. The goal is to develop the environment to be a university city (Residential University) with integrated utilities and public utilities including other facilities by university city It will be a community made up of students, professors, staff. The university staff will have good accommodation and good environment which is beautiful, convenient, safe, peaceful, and pleasant. Able to fully utilize the mission potential, efficiency, and quality. It is a learning center both in the formal, informal, and informal ways of the university population, the community, and the general public. It creates prosperity for all physical, intellectual, mental, emotional, and social, as well as being a livable city. The people of the university and the community are friendly and considerate to each other.


“Walai Niwat” accommodation for people, convenient, clean, safe at an affordable price.

Walailak University Provides accommodation welfare for personnel within the university. who have trouble with accommodation and traveling to work. to facilitate the practice and reduce the burden of personnel costs. For staff accommodation welfare, it is part of Walailak University’s 3-year action plan (2020-2022). Under the 20-year strategic plan (2018-2037), Walailak University Strategic issue 5: Enhance the image as a happy green university city. Goal 2: Students and staff are satisfied with living in the university, enhancing the atmosphere of the university city. for students and staff to spend most of their lives in the university by building complete facilities like an urban community, which is consistent with being a Residential University, which is in line with the SDG 11.4.4 Affordable housing for employees.

There are 3 types of accommodation which are single personnel suites. (For single staff) Family personnel suite (for employees with spouses) and homes (for employees with spouses and children). During the first 5 years, Walailak University Provides free accommodation for personnel without the cost of accommodation, electricity cost, actual expenses, and after 5 years, if personnel wish to stay there will be an accommodation fee. as follows

-Single Personnel Suite

700 baht per month (Walai Niwat 1,2,3,4)

2,500 baht per month (Ruen Walai and Walai Niwat 5)

– Family personnel suite, 1,300 baht per month

– House for 2,700 baht per month

There is a common service fee for all types of accommodation, 500 baht per month.


GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities