Smile Clinic: Promoting mental health service and giving psychiatry assistance for students and staff.

Smile Clinic: Promoting mental health service and giving psychiatry assistance for students and staff.

Nowadays, Depression illness is public health trouble for world citizens and also Thailand. Therefore, it is calculated from the number of disabilities and pain. It was found the depression illness got the first of Thai women, third of men, and causes of suicide. So, there are collaborations including teachers, staff, and accomplices from the school of nursing that organized the Smile clinic. Actually, the Smile clinic is a branch of Smile & Smart Clinic that has objectives such as assisting the adaptation, mental health& psychiatric, and aftercare for free. So, there are 6 events of assistance and mental health promotion

  1. Free for all students, staff, ordinary people (Psychotherapy patients)
    -Advising mental health          
  2. Developing courses and workshops for strong mental health for students and general people including Love Language & Psychological Approach course, Experiential Learning, and Positive Youth Development and Coaching for youth, school, organization, and community by Professional coach  
  3. Integration learning by school of nursing course 

Developing nursing students to be guest speakers (Youth Activist) for building up Junior Master Trainer that take the knowledge from the classroom to share others

  1. Creating case conference for improving staff ability (2 Times/Term)
  2. Creating guidelines of mental health assistance
  3. Funds establishment of Psychotherapy patients “Funds of Pun-Suk for Psychotherapy patients” All objectives are giving chance and well-being to Psychotherapy patients

, career establishment, skills, values, income, self-sufficiency, and funds contact for support, volunteer, or patient corporation.


From the event operation, it impacted the participants such as students, staff, and general people that have a mental problem. Also, it could reach the mental health supporting as well as receiving inhibition of psychopath.

GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

GOAL 1: No Poverty

GOAL 4: Quality Education

GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal