Walailak Sport and Health Center for All

Walailak Sport and Health Center for All

       Walailak sport and health center is the main sport center of southern that service about promoting sport and health extensively. There are promotion and supporting service for learning, creating events, sport sharing, excellent sport, sport healthy sport. Also, it creates a coordination sports network for strongness, care, maintenance of sports equipment, and stadium to be a universal standard.

Sports Complex

            In addition to your mental growth, Walailak University wants to enable physical fitness. The sports complex is a newly renovated area that provides the facilities for multiple different fitness and competitive activities. Whether it be running, swimming, biking, or weight training, there are opportunities awaiting you.

Center stadium

          Football stadium including 4 training stadiums and 8 treadmills

Swimming Pool


       Our Olympic-size pool is both designed for competitive events and kept ready for student training and recreational use. The complex also has a family pool. Both are located near the student dormitories and accessible by Walailak University’s electric shuttles.

Walailak Futsal Arena

          The Sports Center maintains a futsal arena for those students seeking an opportunity for some competitive activity. The arena is lighted for evening play and is located near the fitness center and swimming pool.

Tennis court

          8 tennis courts are acrylic floor and standard. They can be certificate competitions in the daytime, night, and knock board as well.

Physical education building

            There is a volleyball court, basketball, muzzle, futsal, boxing, physical testing room.

Badminton court

            Badminton court for 8 courts

Petanque stadium

            Petanque stadium for 10 stadiums

Golf course

            Golf driving range for 18 points and putting green for 1 point

Aerobic court

            Aerobic dance for health (Monday-Thursday)

Fitness Center

          The recently opened fitness center has the facilities for weight training and aerobic exercises. It can be used individually, with a trainer, or as part of some of Walailak University’s student-led clubs. Part of the larger sports complex, it is located near the outdoor courts and swimming pool.

            Walailak sport and Health center services and shares sports facilities for students, staff, community, and people as follows:

  1. A user is a student and staff
  2. B user is the alumni association
  3. C user is family’s staff
  4. D user is other people
  5. E user is the organization or other agency

However, the sport center also services other people who are not a member (F). Each type of user has different benefits and fees. by type of membership, service, and sports facilities sharing including student, community, or other people in local. Walailak University has policy and important management as follows:

  • No annual entrance fees for students and staff
  • Annual members will receive a discount for daily using approximately, 40-50 percent of normal price such as swimming pool, golf driving range, or no needed daily payment such as badminton, petangue, and tennis court, etc.
  • For membership including school, organization, local agency able to use annual discount for 20-50 percent of the normal price
  • Refraining or discount service fees in case of below 20 years old or youth depend on the situation
  • Local school or local agency or outside-organization able to request discount fees of refraining entrance service fees and maintenance building and stadium fee
  • Some buildings/ places in the sports center, everyone no needed to be a member. They can use the sports center such as aerobic court and athletics field, etc.
  • If they are not membership, they able to use sports center service which is service payment lower than private health service about 50 percent of the normal price.

            There is service and sports facilities sharing as well. In 2019, there are sports operations such as swimming competitions of the region level, futsal national level, etc. In addition, they have training service or sports practice for students, staff, and people at the special price or assistance requirement from Walailak University to refrain service fees

GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

GOAL 5: Gender Equality

GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal