Lifelong Learning Spaces for All at Walailak University

Lifelong Learning Spaces for All at Walailak University

  • Walailak University is a center of lifelong learning, providing educational opportunities for its students, staff, alumni, and the general public with free access. The university also provides facilities to strengthen the educational capacity for all, e.g., laboratories, smart classrooms, equipment, and so on. Lifelong learning at Walailak University is implemented through various forms, such as educational visits, lectures, and experiments, both ad hoc and annual events. 

    Nature Learning Activities

    Walailak University recognizes the significance of natural resources, which are materials for supporting life and people’s needs. The Botanic Park was established with a mission to offer lifelong learning chances, especially in natural learning. The park continually organizes events or activities and continually provides educational services, e.g., taxidermy, astronomy learning, nature drawing, herbal education, Bota Cactus Dome, and a banana conservation learning center.

    Business and Technology Learning Activities

    Walailak University, through the Science and Technology Park, hosts events to offer opportunities to students, staff, and those not attending universities or colleges in business and technology education from the experts and researchers at the university. Since its opening, the Science and Technology Park has been organizing ongoing events, activities, workshops, and lectures on business and technology knowledge, such as Integrated Pest Management at low cost, packaging design for E-Commerce, and capacity building for entrepreneurship.

    The Young Scientist Competition

    The Center for Academic Services of Walailak University has hosted the Young Scientist Competition for years with support from the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) in which all participants learn and study about fields of science as well as laboratory practices and procedures.

    All forms of lifelong learning activities at Walailak University can improve personal interests and goals, career enhancement, and social inclusion as the significant driving force for Thai education to become a sustainable educated country.

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