Nora online course A new dimension in promoting arts and culture in the digital societ

Nora online course A new dimension in promoting arts and culture in the digital societ

        Walailak Abode of Cultural in collaboration with the Department of Cultural Promotion, Ministry of Culture make an online Nora training course to enhance the dissemination of Nora knowledge to support Nora’s listing as a representative list of intangible cultural heritage under (key strategies). Focusing on the youth’s awareness (Raising awareness) and perception Nora performing arts, promote the exchange of knowledge Including building cooperation and networking between universities, communities and schools by creating a channel (Platform) to learn Nora performing arts in an online format. This will lead to the process of disseminating and conserving art and culture sustainably. Including changing the way of promoting arts and culture in accordance with the changes of society in the digital.

Walailak Adobe of Cultural has developed 4 Nora online training courses, consisting of
1. Nora Dance Course
2. Nora Music Course
3. Nora Vocal Performance Course
4. Pran Nora Course (a hunter figure in Nora),
which all 4 courses will be open to those interested in training during the month of November 2021 via the website

The Nora online training course is jointly reviewed by experts with knowledge in all four areas:

  1. Assistant Professor Thummanit Nikomra: Nora Dance
  2. Mr. Wiradat Tongkam : Nora Music
  3. Mr. Supisai Raksakul: Nora Vocal Performance and
  4. Assistant Professor Supat Narksen: Pran Nora (a hunter figure in Nora)

Nora Dance Course

Chapter 1 Definition of Nora
Chapter 2 Importance of Nora
Chapter 3 History or Nora
Chapter 4 Components of Nora
Chapter 5 Body organization in Nora Dance
Chapter 6 Nora terminologies
Chapter 7 Ta Ram Kru (Nora master’s choreography)
Chapter 8 Ram Prasom Ta/ Ram Ko
Chapter 9 Nora dance tactics

Nora Music Course

Chapter 1 Definition and importance of Nora music instruments
Chapter 2 Nora music instruments and components
Chapter 3 Nora music orchestra for Nora performance
Chapter 4 Nora music orchestra (Prasom Wong)
Chapter 5 Tactics for music orchestra for Nora performance

Nora Vocal Performance Course

Chapter 1 The concept of vocal performance of Nora verses
Chapter 2 Performance of Nora vocal verses
Chapter 3 Vocal practice of Kru Son verse (teacher’s teaching)
Chapter 4 4-worded verse vocals
Chapter 5 Tactics for 4-worded verse vocals

Pran Nora Course (a hunter figure in Nora)

Chapter 1 History and Importance of Pran Nora
Chapter 2 Components of Pran Nora
Chapter 3 Terminologies in Pran Nora
Chapter 4 The process of Pran Nora’s opening (Oog Pran)
Chapter 5 The tempo and verses in Pran Nora
Chapter 6 Tactics for Pran Nora’s opening (Oog Pran)

       On August 10-17, 2021, Walailak Abode of Culture filmed 4 Nora online courses, consisting of Nora Dance Course, Nora Music Course, Nora Vocal Performance Course, Nora Vocal Performance Course, and Pran Nora Course (a hunter figure in Nora), which each course contains a theory section and practice in this online course, Ajarn Supat Naksen, Lecturer of Nakhon Si Thammarat College of Dramatic Arts and Ajarn Supichai Raksakul, Artist Nora.

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