The Care and Promotion of Sexual Health for Walailak University Students

The Care and Promotion of Sexual Health for Walailak University Students

The Division of Student Support and Development, Walailak University, organizes care and promotion of the sexual health of Walailak university’s students that connect living and problem situations to the student’s needs. For the well-being target, students live for self-awareness development, good relationship, valuable living, responsibility, self-care, self-management, and health service. Also, the course gave the knowledge and awareness of unplanned pregnancy and prevention controller of intercourse, including using a condom and contraception pills. Being a young mother affects learning, physical health, and mental health. Walailak university established the Smile & Smart center to give suggestions and transfer participative service to the students developing processing system projects. Therefore, it combined the government and NGOs, including the School of Nursing, Walailak hospital, Thasala hospital, and Sahathai foundation. Also, there is contact with online and call centers.

Operation of student sexual well-being assistant network: Supporting student pregnancy to learn

Unplanned pregnancy situations, specifically in teenagers, are serious problems that need appropriate knowledge and suggestion campaigns from experts such as psychologists and psychiatrists. Currently, it also gives essential promotion for earning quality of well-being to teenagers.

Therefore, students who want well-being suggestions and assistance, such as student pregnancy. Smile & Smart center advised taking care of students for continued learning. There is a cooperation of participation with others by assistant processing as follows:

Case study:

           The sophomore student got the pregnancy test at the hospital, and the result is she was pregnant. The hospital sent her to the staff of Smile & Smart center for giving suggestions and assistance guidance. So, the student did not tell her parents because she was afraid of her parents. The student was pleased to join with the university’s assistance in this case. Also, the student has insufficient funds and support from her boyfriend, so SSC sent her to emergency housing for the welfare of antenatal care and medical fee until she delivers. During pregnancy, the student can study at the university while taking antennal care. When the student gives birth and the child is two months old, students can attend college as usual but have to leave their children in emergency shelters. When the student’s parents acknowledged that they have a grandchild and consulted within the family about it, the parent considered raising their grandchild. Currently, the student is continuing their studies with the exact expectations of graduation as her fellows.

In 2021, the Smile & Smart Center, the Division of Student Support and Development collaborated with the school of nursing, and the relevant departments within Walailak University are organize “Far away from premature pregnancy” for the knowledge of sex awareness of unplanned pregnancy and prevention control of intercourse.

All students have access to reproductive health knowledge of the Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health’s. Adolescent Health for information and services tailored to individual problems and needs based on treatment, confidentiality, and privacy via Teen Club Line Official. Link:

Goal 3: Good Health and Well Being

Goal 4: Quality Education

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