The participative and promoting sexual well-being system of the students.

The participative and promoting sexual well-being system of the students.

       Walailak university’s division of student affairs organized care and promotion of sexual well-being for Walailak university’s students that connect living, problem situation, the students needed. For the well-being target, students live for self-awareness development, good relationship, valuable living, responsibility, self-care, self-management, as well as health service. Also, the course gave the knowledge and awareness of unplanned pregnancy and prevention controller of intercourse including using a condom, contraception pills. Being a young mother affects learning, physical health, and mental health. Walailak university established Smile & Smart center for giving suggestions and transferring participative service of the student developing processing system project. Therefore, it combined government, NGOs including school of nursing, Walailak hospital, Thasala hospital, health center 11th of Nakhon Si Thammarat, and Sahathai foundation. Also, there is contact with online and call center.

Operation of student sexual well-being assistant network : Supporting student pregnancy able to learn

          Unplanned pregnancy situation. Specifically, the teenager is serious problems that needed for giving knowledge and suggestion campaign from experts such as psychologists, psychiatrists. Currently, it also gave important promotion for earning quality of well-being 

            Department of health, 2019 found under 20 years old pregnancy 63,831 people that separated 15-19 years old 61,651 people, under 15 years old 2,180 people, and repeat pregnancy and under 20 years old pregnancy 5,222 people (8.2 percent)

            Therefore, the students who want to receive well-being suggestions and assistant such as student pregnancy. Smile & Smart center gave the advice to take care of students for continued learning. There is a cooperation of participation with others by assistant processing as follows:

Case study:

           The sophomore student has tested pregnancy at the hospital that she was pregnant. The hospital sent her to the staff of Smile & Smart center for giving suggestions and assistance guidance. So, the student did not tell her parents because she was afraid of her parents.  The student was a pleasure to join with the university’s assistance in this case. Also, the student has no money enough, supporters from her boyfriend, so SSC will send her to emergency housing for the welfare of antenatal care and medical fee until she delivers. In part of pregnancy, the student can learn continuously, the staff will bring her to antennal care, and also take her to the hospital until maturity. After she is delivered, she can take her child to emergency housing and be able to learn. When the child is 2 years old then consult together with family and parent can take care of. While she was learning continuously with hopefully graduate together with her friends.

GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

GOAL 4: Quality Education

GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal