Driving Practice toward Policy: The Reviewed Policy on Sustainable Food Production and Consumption

Driving Practice toward Policy: The Reviewed Policy on Sustainable Food Production and Consumption

Walailak University places importance on the control of the quality of food and services as well as the good practice for food distribution to guarantee by setting a standard as a guideline for food providers and every operator taking responsibility for food provisions on the basis of principles of food sanitation, restaurant management, and quality control for food provisions and services, including other principles to guarantee the safety of food. The university has set up its policy on the operation guideline for food cooking and sustainable consumption since 2018. However, the policy was reviewed in 2022 and titled “The Operation Guideline for Food Cooking and Sustainable Consumption B. E. 2565 (2022)” which covers more matters for sustainability including:

(1) Meat, animal products, and aquatic animals should be derived from a farm with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

(2) Aquatic food and products must not be derived from overfishing, illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing, destructive fishing practices, forced labor, and a farm where farmworkers are treated unfairly.  

(3) Meat, animal products, and aquatic animals must be obtained that environmental and social impacts are taken into consideration during the sourcing process.

(4) The operators must attach great importance to the principles of food hygiene and safety in food production, ranging from cleaning, storing raw materials, using appropriate food containers, packaging, cooking, and distribution.

(5) Fruits and vegetables should be seasonal fruits and vegetables, and Walailak University prioritizes the purchase of raw materials and others available in local communities with good agricultural practices.

(6) The operators must attend the food safety orientation organized by the Center of Property Management, Walailak University.

However, Walailak University will keep reviewing the policy on sustainable food consumption, food sanitation, quality and standard control, restaurant management, food distribution management, and other related issues to ensure high-quality and safe food for students and staff, including the general public. In addition, the university will organize training and workshops for food providers with support from the Department of Health.


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