Project to upgrade and provide assistance to local startups

Project to upgrade and provide assistance to local startups

Walailak University, under the vision to “unfailingly address community needs”, has provided community and social service projects with a mission to build a “sustainable” social development, and create a model of “holistic well-being” community in the dimensions of career enhancement, ending poverty, and generating income for the community and enterprise groups to be strong and self-sufficient. With a plan to help community enterprises and entrepreneurs in starting a business, all dimensions are implemented through training, consulting services, and access to knowledge, technology, and innovation. For example, financial and entrepreneurial literacy and skills, safety agriculture, food processing, and packaging design, including various facilities without any cost.


In 2021, career development projects organized by Walailak University can be categorized into 3 aspects as follows:


  1. Agriculture and livestock
  • Add value to Kiriwong mangosteen products through the GI registration application of manufacturers and distributors.
  • Develop standards for efficient and safe pig production systems for swine enterprises.
  • “Krabi Model Project” aims to sustainably generate income for farmers by increasing income from main crops (palm, mushroom, seaweed, goat, and batik) to be more effective and productive.


  1. Food and herb
  • Upgrade the products of the community enterprise groups, such as premium cocoa of Tha Sala District, herbal massage oil products of Ban Thung Chon, and guava products of Ban Bang Suk Kee, etc.


  1. Tourism
  • Tha Sala Graffiti Project with local entrepreneurs to develop Tha Sala into a tourist city.

The project results could create positive impacts on those target groups. The projects help increase income, reduce production costs, build a network of community enterprises, manage financial accounts systematically, and create a career that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Goal 1: No Poverty