WU supports the start-up of sustainable businesses in communities

WU supports the start-up of sustainable businesses in communities

Walailak University places importance on supporting knowledge, technology, and finance for sustainable start-up businesses in the local community. The university, thus, establishes the Walailak Business Incubation Center (WIC), Science and Technology Park, responsible for supporting the creation of new entrepreneurs (start-up) and product development through science and technology. The center also provides services for entrepreneurs from the starting an idea (Idea State), developing a prototype (R&D), and bringing the product to market (Market Validation) until the product can actually be brought to the market.

          The WIC provides assistance and services to those local entrepreneurs including:

  1. Training and workshops with specialists from government and private sectors regarding entrepreneurship, marketing planning, accounting and finance, and legal and business registration
  2. Being a member of entrepreneur networks at the provincial and national levels
  3. Business consultants and specialists in specific fields
  4. Facilities such as offices, meeting rooms, and high-speed Internet in the area
  5. Researchers and experts in product and packaging development
  6. Science and technology laboratory of Walailak University
  7. Funding sources from government and private agencies

          In 2021, 38 entrepreneurs participated in the business incubator program organized by Walailak University. 50% of the entrepreneurs were in processed food, followed by agricultural products (15%), IT products (11.7%), processed vegetables and fruits (8.3%), cosmetics (8.3%), and herbs (6.7%).

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