Walailak University: 2022 Health Outreach Programs for Local Community, Disadvantaged People and Immigrant Community

Walailak University: 2022 Health Outreach Programs for Local Community, Disadvantaged People and Immigrant Community

Walailak University has continuously delivered outreach activities and programs in the field of health and well-being to provide free services to the general public in the community. These services are extended to elderly individuals, disadvantaged people, and immigrant community, both within the community and to those receiving services at the Walailak University Hospital (WUH).

Disadvantage: Sustainable Elderly Care and Rehabilitation System Project in Satit Walailak Pattana Community (3rd year ongoing project)

Walailak University, in collaboration with the School of Allied Health Sciences and the Center for Academic Services, has launched an outreach program for Elderly and disadvantaged individuals in the local community. This initiative, titled the “Sustainable Elderly Care and Rehabilitation System Project in Satit Walailak Pattana Community,” is now in its third year of development. The project is dedicated to enhancing the healthcare network within the community, following the principle of a “Seamless Service Network,” and strengthening the capabilities of the Subdistrict Health Promotion Hospital in the field of rehabilitation. 

Over the past two years, the project has primarily focused on providing rehabilitation services for elderly and disadvantaged patients with long-term health issues. To ensure clear clinical outcomes for these patients, the project has evolved in its third year to establish a more comprehensive service system: 1) database system and referral system for patients who need rehabilitation services, 2) a physical therapy system for sub-acute and long-term patients, and 3) a disease prevention and promotion service system for those at risk of developing health issues.  

In 2022, the project that adopted certain adjustments yielded significant outcomes: 1) A basic database system: Originally planned as a web application development, the project faced budget constraints and was therefore adjusted to being an electronic database run on Google to develop into a future system. 2) A continuous home visit for physical therapy service: The new patients in the 3rd year project receiving a home visit were 5 patients, four of which were stroke patients and one was a spinal cord injury patient. All patients received physical therapy rehabilitation program consisting of passive range of motion exercise, strengthening exercise, and practicing basic movement activities with a working group physical therapist and the leader as a service provider. 3) A health fair providing a screening of body composition to analyze body fat, muscle mass, metabolic rate, and disseminating knowledge training through recreational activities on the topic “Be aware and Disease Prevention”, which focused on chronic non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and dyslipidemia, along with disease prevention by the 3 principles of diet, exercise, and emotions. This activity was attended by more than 50 households at Satit Walailak Pattana Community Health Promoting Hospital.

Additionally, counseling outreach services are provided for migrants from Myanmar and Laos on exercise and muscle stretching programs to aid in the recovery of patients suffering from muscle inflammation due to strenuous work.

The Disadvantaged People in Community

Elderly People in Community

Immigrant: Ban Tha Sung Bon Project: A Model Community for Well-Being

This is a health outreach project in which the community actively participates in the community development in the health dimension. The project has been ongoing for four consecutive years with the primary objective of promoting sustainable health and well-being in the Ban Tha Sung Bon community. The School of Allied Health Sciences at Walailak University collaborates with external organizations, including Village Health Volunteer (affiliated with Thasala Hospital) and the Nakhon Si Thammarat Immigration Bureau.

The activities in this project focus on community participation in identifying ways to improve the well-being of the residents in Ban Tha Sung Bon Community. There are home visits to conduct health check-ups, provide knowledge, and offer support to the elderly, disabled individuals, bedridden patients, and migrant workers. This includes blood pressure measurement, anemia check, and providing education on health care.

Disadvantaged People in Community

Elderly Individuals in Community

Immigrant Community in Community

Ban Tha Sung Bon Project Activities

Local Community: Integration and Development of Herbal Products to Promote Community Healthcare System Project

In its third year of development, this health outreach project is an extension of knowledge from technology transfer to local product production. The project aims to reach a wider audience, including residents of the Ban Thung Chon Community, the elderly, bedridden patients, displaced populations, and Laotian migrant workers. It also involves collaboration with the “Healthy Elderly, Happy Life Project” by Ban Thung Chon Sub-district Health Promotion Hospital for transferring the technology for community-produced herbal oil products, promoting the correct usage of herbal products, and addressing the healthcare issues of service recipients.

Disadvantage: Walailak University conducts home visits for bedridden patients and provides free COVID-19 vaccinations for bedridden patients, displaced individuals, and the general public

Walailak University Hospital has provided free COVID-19 vaccinations to a total of 18,558 recipients. Additionally, more than 656 individuals, including displaced persons and migrant workers from Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia, have received free COVID-19 vaccinations as part of these efforts. Furthermore, active collaboration and community engagement activities have been undertaken in cooperation with community health promotion hospitals and networks in the Nakhon Si Thammarat province. This includes home visits to patients, individualized counseling, eye disease screening for the elderly, as well as specific consultations. Additionally, they provided outreach activity in community for free vaccinations for the elderly and bedridden patients, totaling 1,696 individuals.

Walailak University Hospital, which started operating on November 24, 2022, provides services with 426 beds. Its main objectives are to serve as a medical school for medical science students. It also aims to serve the locals in the upper southern region, acting as a hub for learning for the public and medical professionals. The hospital offers a wide range of services, including general clinics, health examination clinics, and specialty clinics such as dental, surgical, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatric, physical rehabilitation and acupuncture, dermatology and beauty, and various other departments such as community health promotion services.

Disadvantaged People in Community

Elderly Individuals in Community



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Research Fundings & Partner agencies

  1. WU Social Engagement 2020-2022 / Walailak university
  2. Community Development Walailak Demonstration Health Promoting Hospital.
  3. Thung Chon Tambon Health Promoting Hospital.
  4. Thasala Hospital
  5. Thaiburi Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Thasala District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province.
  6. Nakhon Si Thammarat Provincial Administration Organization



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