Action Plan to Reducing Plastic Waste on Campus

Action Plan to Reducing Plastic Waste on Campus

Walailak University has a guideline to reduce the use of plastic and to stop serving plastic bags with handles and foam for packing food in restaurants and shops inside Walailak University in response to the strategic plan of the green university policy in the fifth strategic issue, enhancing the image as a happy green university city, Property Management Center. Therefore, waste management measures have been established in the business areas, such as canteens, Chopradu food centers, and shops within Walailak University Property Management Center. It has set measures for all shops to refrain from providing plastic bags with handles and foam in food packaging to reduce the amount of waste at the source by using the 3Rs principle, which is Reduce, Reuse, and Reject.

Therefore, the university is committed to becoming a sustainable university and recognizes the importance of sustainable plastic reduction. Thus, it provides an action plan for waste management to reduce the amount of waste that must be sent to landfills to a minimum and with awareness of the amount of single-use plastic, including bags, bottles, tubes, etc., that is thrown away after just one use. The university has a one-time-used policy to reduce plastic waste as follows:

  1. Walailak University instills awareness and discipline among members of the public, students, and staff to reduce the use of single-use plastics.
  2. In 2019, Walailak University issued a guideline on the reduction of single-use plastic, requiring all stores and shops on campus to use 100 percent recycled plastic bags or biodegradable plastic bags instead of plastic bags with handles.
  3. Continuous campaigning is organized by Walailak University on using recyclable food containers. All food stores and shops at Walailak University offer discounts when the staff, students, and others use their own food containers.
  4. Walailak University adopts the 5S methodology in driving the university as a green and happy university by reducing plastic items in the workplace. The university also implements public relations for the 5S policy through the websites of its sections.
  5. Walailak University has supported the project titled “Green Dormitory”, an environmental project continually organized by the Walailak Marine Conservation Club. The mission of the project is to conduct activities regarding marine environmental conservation and other related schemes on reducing plastic waste for sustainability.

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